GHMC Polls 2020: Vijayashanthi Trains Guns At KCR, Slams TRS Conspiracy With AIMIM To Oust Rivals

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HYDERABAD: Actress Vijayashanthi targeted TRS party Chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, alleging that he was making a master plan to oust his rivals, in conspiracy with the AIMIM party to achieve this goal in the GHMC elections.

Taking to her social media handle, she released a series of tweets saying that the TRS chief was unable to handle the opposition parties who were moving forward at a fast pace and he was colluding with AIMIM leaders out of fear.

She said that he was making efforts to see that the opposition candidates withdraw from the polls in the last minute. The people of Telangana would not accept nor forgive such forceful tactics if they use the police machinery for this , she tweeted.

The actress also said that since these kinds of politics in the GHMC elections would not bear fruit, the TRS supremo was trying to eliminate a very strong contending party from the election scene.

Vijayashanthi said there are rumours that in the name of law and order the TRS leadership was making new plans to get them out of the way from the elections, giving rise to speculations that she might be joining the Saffron party after all.

Vijayashanthi also said that all these years KCR was known for hijacking opposition leaders in the last minute or luring them later if they won the polls.

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