Expose BJP Lies Says KCR | KTR Sings Praises Of TRS Govt Ahead Of GHMC Polls

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Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao fired on the opposition parties especially at the BJP government for propagating lies making people believe in them as the truth on Wednesday.

He accused the BJP state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar of complaining to the Election Commission against the flood relief assistance of Rs 10,000 given to the families in Hyderabad. “This is nothing but the opposition snatching away the food offered by the State government to the needy,” KCR said. 

The BJP government did not release a paisa towards flood relief despite request from the state government.“First, they would not give any funds towards flood relief. Then they resort to obstructive politics by opposing distribution of the financial assistance to the flood victims. They claim to have released funds towards flood relief which is baseless since the State has not received any money from the Centre,” he said.

In the meeting with TRS MPs, MLAs, and MLCs at the Telangana Bhavan in Hyderabad on Wednesday, KCR asked his party members to expose the lies and obstructive politics of the opposition parties, particularly the BJP leaders.

Meanwhile, in a run up to the GHMC polls to be held on December 1, TRS working president KTR held a press conference to talk about the party's course of action to win the GHMC polls 2020.

Watch; KTR press meet here...

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