Eatala Rajender Interesting Comments On KTR's Turn To Be CM

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Telangana: Telangana Health Minister Eatala Rajender made interesting remarks. His remarks on whether he would be a minister or another took precedence.

Telangana Health Minister Eatala Rajender once again made the headlines with his interesting remarks.

He talks about one day when he won't be a minister anymore and that he may be in any other position but the farmer's movement will always have his support.

These remarks were made by Eatala Rajender during the inauguration of a farmer's forum in Challuru, Veenavanka Mandal, and Karimnagar district.

"There are only two people who sacrifice most in this country. One is a soldier who sheds blood for the country and protects his motherland. The other is a farmer who turns blood into a sweat and brings prosperity to the country. It is not good for anyone to make such a farmer cry,” he said.

He said he was always voted for and he never did ask for one to vote. Six times in 20 years, people voted for him.

He further explains that he is indebted to people. He goes on to tell people that, one should never do things that scar them. Positions might be lost but human relationships are more important, commented Eatala Rajender.

While the campaign is going on that the reins of Telangana CM will be handed over to KTR soon, he may or may not be in the post of a minister and the comments made by Eatala Rajender have gained political prominence.

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