BJP May Poach Etela Rajender While TRS Keeps A Close Watch

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Etela Rajender meets BJP leaders to support the party in Huzurabad by-elections

BJP Leaders invite former Telangana health minister into the Party

Etela is meeting with key leaders of the saffron party.

Etela is said to have held talks with Union Minister Kishan Reddy on the phone

He is also said to have met former MP Jitender Reddy and other leaders

Hyderabad: Former Telangana health minister Etela Rajender has become a hot topic of discussion in political circles for the past few weeks. 

It is known that Telangana chief minister KCR removed him from the ministry after he was accused of land grabbing. So, what is Etela Rajender's current strategy? Etela has announced his intention to withdraw from the Legislative Assembly. Is it possible for a new political party to emerge? Or would he join another political party? 

As per the political buzz, Etela Rajender appears to be the subject of BJP's attention right now. We hear that they have even invited him to join the party. He has been speaking with leaders of various political parties over the last few days as part of his potential campaign. He is also said to have met up with BJP leaders in this regard.

Meetings with state BJP leaders have taken precedence in the midst of the continuing confusion surrounding former minister Etela Rajender's political future. Some say he's becoming more aligned with the BJP. According to sources, Union Minister Kishan Reddy met BJP chief Yogendra Yadav on Monday. This, however, was not the case, according to sources inside the group. Former TRS MPs AP Jitender Reddy and Vivek Venkataswamy, who are now members of the BJP, are said to have met Etela Rajender recently.

On Monday night, Vivek Venkataswamy, a former MP and BJP leader reportedly called on Etela Rajender at his farm. According to the info, he invited Etela to join BJP. According to sources, he flew from Delhi to Hyderabad and spoke to Rajender directly. 

In political circles, however, there is rife speculation that Etela attempted to meet Union Minister Kishan Reddy. Kishan Reddy is said to have acknowledged that Etela tried to meet him, but it is yet to happen. According to Kishan Reddy, he is consulting with other party leaders to schedule future activities. 

Kishan Reddy, the Union Minister, said on Tuesday that Etela Rajender had called him and that the meeting went well. They said they had been MLAs together for 15 years and wondered if being together would be inappropriate. On the call, they are believed to have discussed on topics like him joining the BJP or Huzurabad by-elections were not discussed. According to party sources, he is meeting with representatives of various parties and unions following his dismissal from the ministry.

According to sources, Etela Rajender is running as an Independent candidate in the by-elections. On the other hand, there are rumors of the formation of a new political party. The new party, according to rumors, will act as a platform for the BCs. So far, however, there has been no clarification on the matter. 

The BJP, on the other hand, is concentrating on Etela Rajender. Telangana's most influential leader, Etela Rajender, enjoys a huge clout. What would Etela Rajender do in such a situation? Can he compete as a lone wolf? Or will he join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)? This has piqued everyone's interest. TRS, on the other hand, is closely monitoring the situation.

 However, it is known that KCR cracked the whip on Etela after collecting all evidence of land irregularities. So even if Etela were to join the BJP, it would hardly matter to the TRS party. 

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