WhatsApp To Let Soon Let You Hide Online Status Indicator

 - Sakshi Post

Do you also have all-time wish to hide your online status like last seen? Then your wish is going to become true. Meta-owned WhatsApp is developing a new feature that would allow iOS users to hide their online status from everyone.

According to WABetaInfo, this feature will be included in a future update since it is still under development and cannot be distributed to beta testers because it is not yet ready. As of now, we can hide our “Last Seen”  status to contacts, some people, or no one. WhatsApp will allow users to utilise a similar technique to the online toggle in a future version of the app, as per the 9To5Mac.
 This new privacy feature is being developed at the same time WhatsApp is also readying another important function, the ability to edit a message.

It's been a while since the app started allowing users to remove messages, but it never included the option to modify them - something that will eventually change in a future version.

With iOS 16, another popular messaging app, iMessage, will have the ability to edit and delete messages. Although it drove some controversy, being able to edit and delete a message can be very handy when you misspell a word or send the wrong information to a person in a chat.

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