These WhatsApp Features Are For iPhone Users Only: Check Latest iOS Update

 - Sakshi Post

For iPhone users, WhatsApp has unveiled two major features. Now, with this latest update, iOS users can see larger media previews and have more control over the disappearing messages feature in groups. A few days ago, the features were first used in the WhatsApp beta edition, but they have now been made available to all iOS users.

WhatsApp has made it easier for iOS users to display larger media with the 2.21.71 update which means that iPhone users will no longer have to click on a photo or a video to see the full image or video. The picture or video you receive or post on the messaging app will not appear in a small square box; instead, you will be able to see it in its full size. For the time being, this feature is only available to iOS users.

Another new feature for iOS users is the ability to customise the settings for disappearing messages in groups. Previously, only the group admin had the ability to adjust the settings of disappearing messages, such as whether they should be turned off or not, but now any member of the group may do so. 

The group admin retains power over whether or not the participants are allowed to alter the group's settings. Only the group admins have access to the settings for disappearing messages that can be changed by the group admin. Admins can change the settings by editing the "Edit Group Info" section. You won't be able to adjust the group's settings until the group admin gives you permission.

Last year, WhatsApp introduced the disappearing messages feature. The messages will be in the chat box for a fixed period oand will disappear after seven days. To use the function, you must first enable it in the settings.

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