Truecaller Rolls Out 5 New Messaging Features In Its App, Check Details

Truecaller launches a slew of new messaging features on its app offering the best messaging experience in the World, - Sakshi Post

Be it calling, messaging or blocking unwanted communicationTruecaller strives to elevate its users' experience. To bring about a change in the way we use the messaging/ chat feature, Truecaller has introduced brand new updates on the app to level-up the messaging game. The new features include Urgent Messages, sharing of Smart Cards, revamped Smart SMS, the ability to edit sent chat messages and setting default view.

Truecaller’s vision is to enable users to take charge of their conversations, engage with their peers at ease and make the most of the virtual world that is the internet. The new features in the app are an exciting addition for today's generation as they are not only functional tools but are also a timesaver in a fast-paced world.

An Overall Guide to the New Features:

Urgent Messages - Sometimes, you need to make sure that the recipient sees your message without making a call. This new feature allows you to get the receiver's attention for critical or time sensitive messages with a custom notification. The urgent message will pop up on the recipient’s screen with high visibility, even if another app is open, and will not disappear until the recipient reads it.

Set Default Launch Screen - Truecaller users will now be able to choose the default appearance of the app when it is first launched. With a simple long press on the Calls or Messages tab, it can be set as the default view. The next time the app is opened, it will open to the default.

Edit Sent Chat Messages - We all make mistakes when typing in a hurry. If you made mistakes or said something that you did not mean, the edit feature will be a boon. With the new update, you can edit/ make changes to the chat message even after the receiver has viewed it. If you do edit a message, the words ‘Chat (edited)’ will be visible. You can edit chat messages at any time after sending and it’s important to note that editing is only available for Truecaller Chat, not SMS.

A Great New Smart SMS Experience - Smart SMS is a great way to keep thousands of text messages organised. The Truecaller Smart SMS experience has been revamped and made more intuitive thanks to user feedback from around the world. Since most SMSes are one-way incoming messages, we are presenting all important messages chronologically and calling them ’Highlights’ so that users don’t have to go in and out of different SMS threads to read every new SMS. Additionally, the discovery of any important messages will become far easier thanks to smart filters such as transactions, deliveries, travel, bills, and so on. You can also filter by top senders.

Share Smart Card - Smart Cards present a lot of complex information in an easy-to-read card. Now, you can share Smart Cards in the form of an image so that the information is easily readable by anyone, whether they use Truecaller or not. When you receive an important SMS such as a transaction, ticket, OTP, or bill that you want to share with someone, you can now share the Smart Card as an image across any platform instead of sharing the plain text. This will help the recipient to focus on the most important information at a glance - just like you do!

Important Note: All message processing is designed to happen locally on the user’s device, thanks to advanced machine learning models. Truecaller does not read any SMS content. Additionally, no message leaves the user’s device as part of this processing.  

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