Square Panda's New Campaign Reimagine Learning

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Square Panda India is embarking upon a new awareness campaign to 'reimagine learning', with an array of education, training, and community mobilization programs for children, teachers, and the wider community. Their new campaign, launched on Facebook and Twitter, turns the spotlight on the many challenges faced by the education sector in the past year, including the impact of school closures on over 320 million students, and the ripple effects for teachers and parents. 

Commenting on the initiative, MD Square Panda India, Ashish Jhalani stated, "In India on an average, 92% of children have lost at least one specific language ability and 82% of children have lost at least one specific mathematical ability from the previous year across all classes. Teachers too are struggling to remotely address learning difficulties among children, with improved digital literacy the need to transition to an era of blended or remote learning is more than ever. The campaign will help cope with the learning loss and mitigate the effects of learning loss and its ramifications."

Offering his thoughts as well, Sameer Bhatnagar, Senior Director of Marketing at Square Panda India, opined, "Children deserve every opportunity to excel in life, and high-quality early childhood education is essential to realising their aspirations. We firmly believe that the need of the hour is to create innovative and effective early learning and teacher training programs. Through this, we can impact multiple strategic stakeholders and reverse the effects of learning loss across India, ushering in a new cycle of socio-economic prosperity."

The aim of the outreach is to catalyze the holistic long-term development of India’s educational & socio-economic landscape. It also seeks to raise awareness about the very real and imminent threat of learning loss, and help guard against academic regression so that every stakeholder of the education ecosystem can reach their full potential. 

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