OnePlus 9 Pro Heating Issue Resolved With Oxygen OS: Details Inside

 - Sakshi Post

Good news for all the users of OnePlus 9 Pro phone.  The overheating issue on the phone while using the camera app has been resolved. Users took to social media platforms to express their frustration over the mobile issue after they found that their phone's heat was unberable. Most of the users said they were unable to take pictures as the phone’s temperature was too high. Taking all these issues into consideration, the company has fixed the issue with a latest update of the Operation System on the phone.

An OnePlus executive took to the OnePlus forum to state that an updated version was released in India and that the overheating of phone issue was fixed. He said the “Initial feedback was positive.” The OnePlus OxygenOS product shared the development with respect to the OnePlus 9 pro and stated that the latest version of the OS fixes the issue.

To maintain a safe temperature during wireless charging, a copper and a larger heat sink have been added. 

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