Nokia Go Earbuds+ For A Blissful Listening Experience!

Nokia Go Earbuds+ For A Blissful Listening Experience! - Sakshi Post

In this day and age with people leading accelerated lives to varying extents, everything happens on the go - answering calls, listening to playlists, podcasts or soulful tunes while meditating. And while you are at it, you’d rather be spared the nuisance of being tethered to a device physically or having to keep adjusting your wires while you are in the midst of an intense activity such as a workout. Although wireless headphones are a lot better than the standard earphones that come with your smartphones, they are not technically wireless either.

The truly wireless earphones are highly convenient because they have made tangled wires completely redundant. What’s more, they are water and sweat resistant, sit comfortably in your ears and are very fashionable!

The Nokia Go Earbuds+ and Nokia Comfort Earbuds offer the perfect combination of a sleek, ergonomic design, water resistance, universal Bluetooth compatibility and a long battery life. Check out the benefits of these tiny little buds that will make your life ever so easy!

Powerful Performance

This is music to the ears of all the fitness enthusiasts out there, even before they plug the earbuds on to hear the actual music! The Nokia Go Earbuds+ have 13mm drivers while those of Nokia Comfort Buds are 10mm. In simple terms, it means powerful bass performance. In other words, they give you the best quality sound which makes your workouts or runs or even pulling ropes, truly enjoyable! Try them out for a mind-blowing experience.

Great battery life

Nokia Go Earbuds+ provide up to 6.5 hours of listening time at a stretch while Nokia Comfort Earbuds serve you for up to 9.5 hours uninterruptedly. Even when they are all boxed up and resting, their carrying cases juice them up to a further 19.5 hours worth of additional charge. That is up to a whopping 26 to 29 hours of pure, uninterrupted listening while you go about with your workouts, commuting, playing your favourite podcast or attending that particularly long work call. Above all, imagine what an absolute bliss it is to travel with a pair of them, choosing a genre of music that is in sync with the place you are visiting! Need we say more?

Splash Proof

Worried that your sweaty session at the gym would bust your ear pods? Don’t be! Nokia Go Earbuds+ and Nokia Comfort Earbuds are armed with IPX4 and IPX5 technologies respectively which ensure that they stay protected from water, sweat and even sweltering heat. So, take them along for your runs or in crowded trains and buses fearlessly. They’ll be just fine!

Ergonomic design for a secure and comfortable fit

The sleek design of Nokia Go Earbuds+ and Nokia Comfort Earbuds ensures that they stay put in your ears even when you are somersaulting! And while they make your ears their home, they provide you a secure fit and keep you comfortable with a good sonic seal all day long. So, your tiny buds are doubling up as background noise reducers too. And with their sound-balancing technology, you are guaranteed to enjoy your favourite tracks just as they were meant to be heard. How cool is that!

A touch of simplicity!
You can easily pair the Nokia Earbuds + and Nokia Comfort Earbuds with a multitude of devices thanks to its universal Bluetooth compatibility. And from then on, managing your calls and music is as simple as a few feathery touches thanks to its simple but efficient touchpad.

Grab a pair of Nokia Go Earbuds+ and Nokia Comfort Earbuds for yourself or for gifting to your friends and family from or!6xa1NNNN. You can also get them at your favourite retail outlet and start living your life tangle-free!

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