No More Deleting Messages On WhatsApp, Deets Inside

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WhatsApp always comes up with some interesting features. The messaging app is one of the most used ones and now a feature is going to be available for the users soon. At times, in a hurry, we send the wrong texts to someone, right! In WhatsApp, we don't have a dedicated edit button for texts. Now, WhatsApp is working on the feature of a dedicated edit option. Till now, if we sent any wrong message, it has to be deleted and that too the message will be deleted for others in a specified time limit.  Very soon, users are able to edit their messages.

According to the WhatsApp development tracker Webetainfo, WhatsApp is working on an edit feature that was available on messaging platform back in 2017 but later it was discarded. 

"Probably there won’t be an edit history to check previous versions of edited messages, but since this feature is under development, their plans may change before releasing the feature. In addition, details about the time window to let people edit their messages are unknown at the moment, but we will immediately let you know when there is news," Wabetainfo report said. The Webetainfo also reported that the feature is still in development and checking the functionality on WhatsApp for Android.

A few days ago, WhatsApp has released a new feature in which one could react to messages with emojis. 

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