New Game Like Cookie Clicker Loaded With Exciting Features Announced

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A new game like Cookie Clicker was recently announced by Click Speed Tester, a popular website for online gaming tools. The official statement mentioned that development of the latest game similar to Cookie Clicker is now completed and it has entered the beta testing stage.

The name of this cookie clicker inspired game is still under consideration but the developers are eyeing a release date in the first half of 2022.

Justin Dawson, the creator of this gaming website and the brain behind the idea of making a new-age cookie clicker replica, said “After the success of our click test, we are aiming to recreate the craze of idle games which has faded with the rise of FPS and MMORPG. With our upcoming game, players will be able to relive the nostalgia of Cookie Clicker.”

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For those who do not know, the original game called Cookie Clicker was released about a decade ago in 2013. Within a few years, the game became the most popular idle game of its time and still attracts new users regularly.

Once it gained such popularity, several other games similar to Cookie Clicker including Cow Clicker, Clicker Heroes, The Monolith, Bitcoin Billionaire, Adventure Capitalist, etc. were released. All these games use the same idea of idle clicking that rewards you for the number of clicks you make and then you can use these rewards to add even more clicks.

Although these games tried to replicate the success of Cookie Clicker, none of them could achieve it.

According to the development team at Click Speed Tester, the reason for this is the lack of innovative features. That’s why this new cookie clicker like the game is loaded with features like MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) and community access that allows you to challenge other players as well.

With these new features, players will be able to play with many online players in a single game that could not be done in any other game that is similar to a cookie clicker.

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Another unique feature of this game is that it is developed in such a manner that allows players to use any device or OS to provide a truly cross-platform gaming experience.

This clicker game is going to be the first full-fledged game released by Click Speed Tester. Before this, they created a lot of useful gaming tools that include CPS tester, space bar clicker, aim trainer, etc. The website is dedicated to helping games in improving their skills, practice advanced actions and eventually get better at their favorite games.

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Currently, Click Speed Tester serves a massive user base having around 2 million hits in the last 6 months. They aim to use this user base to get the first 100k users on their cookie clicker inspired game within the first month of the release.

It has been an unsaid ritual to recreate games that went viral once upon a time and try to cash in on the nostalgic value of it. Whether this new game will be able to achieve it or it will be just another cookie clicker replica, to find an answer to that, we will have until the game is released.

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