Moj turns launches live video streaming platform Moj LIVE

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Marking two years of its inception, Moj today has announced the launch of Moj LIVE, a live video streaming platform that enables creators to authentically showcase their talent and deeply engage with their users in real-time. On 1st July 2020, Moj was launched by ShareChat in a record 30 hours. Today, it has grown to become India’s number one short video social network with over 160 million MAUs, 4.5 billion views per day, 50 million creators, and over 2.5 million unique content created daily. Moj has also become the leading video commerce platform in the country through its exclusive partnership with Flipkart.

With Moj LIVE, creators from across the country can create highly engaging content across different creative formats such as live talk shows, live game streaming, jam sessions, stand-up comedy, shayari, cooking, astrology, and much more. They will have the cutting-edge tools and features to manage live sessions at a large scale, all in their preferred language. Moj users will have access to real-time entertaining content from the creators they love across India and be able to engage with them directly.

To help creators monetize their content on the platform, Moj LIVE has unique virtual gifting options where fans can appreciate and reward their favorite creators using innovative 3D digital tokens. Besides this, through live commerce capabilities, creators can promote brands and sell curated products to their follower communities.

Announcing the launch of Moj LIVE, Amit Zunjarwad, Chief Product Officer, ShareChat and Moj, said, “We are thrilled to officially launch our live video streaming platform on Moj’s second birthday. Moj LIVE will empower our creator community to express themselves authentically and connect with their fanbase in real-time, building highly engaged communities. We are proud to lead the way in bringing this next-generation content platform to our creators and providing holistic value to them through innovative engagement constructs, virtual gifting, and live commerce.

Moj LIVE comes with industry-leading capabilities for both the creators and viewers.

For creators:

Invite up to three co-hosts to the live session

Use the latest AR lenses and beauty filters during the live sessions

Schedule and promote live sessions in advance to generate excitement

Opportunity to monetize content through virtual gifts and live commerce

Ability to pin relevant and interesting comments

To maintain healthy discussions during live sessions, creators have the freedom to remove a co-host, report comments, add keyword filters, and block vindictive/offensive users

Access to deep analytics of audience and engagement for each live session

For viewers:

Access to a whole new world of live content from India’s top creators and celebrities - in a section inside the Moj app dedicated to live content 

Directly connecting with creators in new and exciting ways, viewers can share their reactions to a live stream by liking it, commenting on it, sending a request to the host to join the live session, and becoming a co-host

Appreciate and reward creators from a spread of visually rich and attractive 3D virtual gifts in the form of digital tokens to express their love and support as their top fans

The choice to discover and get notified on the live events of interest

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