International Women’s Day: Five Safety Mobile Apps Every Woman Should Have

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On this International Women’s Day when we talk about gender equality, #BreakTheBias, empowering women, so on and so forth, let’s take a look at how we can empower them to feel safer when they are not at home. In 2021, there was a 30% increase in complaints of crimes against women as the National Commission for Women (NCW) received around 31,000 complaints. Following are some of the saviour apps women could turn to in an emergency situation as they have the potential to save your life. These apps may also provide a sense of security as you walk home. 


Disha is an SOS app from the Andhra Pradesh police to ensure the safety of women in the state. With a single, you could alert the nearest police team. Users could make use of nearby safety zones, police stations, hospitals and useful contacts during emergency situations. One of the features of this SOS app is that women could record their voice or video and send it to the command control room.

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Hawk Eye

Telangana police’s Hawk Eye mobile app not only serves as an SOS button during emergency situations but also makes women’s travel safer. Before boarding the vehicle, you could share the vehicle and details of your journey in the app. The users could get help from the nearby police station or patrol team with the SOS button if there’s an emergency. You can even check the status of your complaint in the app.

My Safetipin 

This personal safety app relies on crowd-sourcing to collect data of an area to help you make safer decisions about your mobility. Unlike other navigation apps, the My Safetipin app shows you the safest route as it gives a safety score to a particular location so you can make an informed decision before heading out. 


As the name suggests, in an emergency situation just shake the phone to send an SOS message or make an instant call to the previously selected numbers. Instead of the shake option, you can lso press the power button four times. The good thing about this app is it works without an internet connection and even if the screen is locked. This app is also helpful to report cases of robbery, accident or natural disaster. 


This app can help you report any criminal or illegal activity in the area without revealing your identity. It also allows you to report cases of lost or stolen items by calling the police. CitizenCop app is a safety zone for women which it calls eLakshmanRekha. The app which is available both on Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS) has many features like Live Tracking, emergency calls and SOS alerts.

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