Instagram Testing New Feature To Give Users Personalized Livefeed

 - Sakshi Post

Instagram is trying out a new feature that will address a long-standing issue with the app's feeds. Users will be able to mark their favourite Instagram profiles as "Favorites" for the first time. Because the app uses algorithms to select postings in the stream, it may miss updates from close friends, relatives, or even your favourite influencers. Users will be able to better manage their feeds with this new capability.

Content from specific users will appear "higher" in the user's feed thanks to the new Favourites feature. Alessandro Paluzzi discovered and communicated the feature through a mobile developer.

Instagram was also testing a feature in 2017 that allowed users to choose who may see their posts. Later, the image-sharing social media site announced the addition of a "close friends" function to Stories. Instagram users can utilise this feature to select a small group of close friends who will only be able to see the user's stories.

The new 'Favourites' feature will give users more total power by allowing them to bypass Instagram's own algorithm in favour of their own.

Instagram now prioritises the order of the feed based on the most recent and shared posts from the people the user follows, as well as other "signals" such as how likely the user is to engage with a post.

While you may 'like' several of the photos you see, they may not be the stuff you're seeking for, and you may be sending Instagram mixed signals about what you want to see in your feed.

Instagram has not officially stated whether the feature will be added to the app's stable versions. Before the product is officially launched, the Facebook-owned firm can make some final edits.

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