How e-exams Are Conducted And Proctored From Home

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‘” Technology grows in every sector Education system needs this too”

This is the time when technology is growing at its peak. Every system and every sector is shredding their traditional methods of work and adapting modern technology which makes the work easier, effective and help to engage a large mass.

In this revolutionary phase, education system is also not an exception. With the incorporation of technology our education system has also changed tremendously. Technology has revolutionised the traditional teaching and learning process.  According to 82% of students, digital learning technology allows them to spend more time on study through increased accessibility and understanding of the concept. Apart from learning online, now teachers can access the knowledge of the student’s trough online exams and assessments.

Yeah! Online Exams.

A report of UK suggests that by 2025, digital exams should take the place of pen and paper booklets in order to make exams more accessible and relevant to the modern world.

Online exams also called ‘E- Exam’ or ‘Digital Exam’ is an online test for judging student’s achievement. Apart from giving exams with traditional methods where students have to travel for hours to reach their examination centres, with online latest exams they can sit relax in their homes and go for it. Students only need a device with internet connection whether laptop, MacBook or smartphone.


In an online exam, the course builder or teacher creates an account with exam builder. In this system, the course builder can create questions, add them to exam and send the question papers to the candidates in an encrypted and secured form. The candidates are provided with a link to their E- exam, they can sign up and take the exam.

There are ample number of software to create online exams. The list contains TC Exams, Papershala, R- exams, Edu Expressions etc. 

Are you thinking about cheating in online exam? No it’s not possible! Online exams are highly proctored. A proctored test is a mechanism to ensure authencity of the examinee and prevent the situation of cheating to maintain the integrity of the exam.

In e-exam, a proctor keeps an eye on the candidates through video throughout the duration of the exam. There are mainly three types of proctoring.

  • Live online proctoring in which a proctor monitors the examinee through audio video and screen share in real time.
  • Recorded proctoring in which no proctor monitors the examinee, instead the audio video and screen share of the candidate is recorded during test.
  • Advanced automated proctoring which is the most advanced form of proctoring. It is same as recorded proctoring but in addition, the system also monitors any suspicious activity during exam like any relevant object or background voice to give red flag to the exams.

There are many proctoring software’s which provide an application to the user to proctor the exam in budget friendly way. Some of them are Proctor U, Examity, Verificient, AI proctor etc. In addition to allowing the examiner to keep an eye on candidate, this software provide extra security features as well. This software’s help the proctor to do 3-point candidate authentication, Image recognition, mobile phone prevention, submission of answer sheet after every 10 seconds and much more.

Online exams are gathering immense importance in India too. Between December 2018 and August 2019, India’s national testing agency assessed 5.5 million candidates for entrance to educational institutes with each pupil using an e-card with their thumbprint and photo to access the examination room. There are many courses in India; one can take up online exams for. Banking Sarkari exam , mock tests , university level exams are some of the exams taken online in India.


“Online Exams, The ease to education system in this lockdown”

This is the time that will be stamped in golden words in history. The virus has forced to shut down schools, colleges, businesses. Everything is closed and everyone is trying to make some escape and resume the services. Educational sector has also experienced a setback in this situation. Students are facing many hurdles for offline exams and preferred online exams in regard of their safety.

Also with near about 5 million students in India, offline latest appsc exams put a higher pressure of demand on natural resources mainly paper. E-exams minimise the use of paper and proved environmentally friendly. Also online exams are more accessible and cheaper to students as compared to offline exams. 

At last whether offline or online prepare well for your exams.

Good Luck!!!

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