How Can Apple iPhone Users Safely Save Their Passwords On Chrome

 - Sakshi Post

Google has added a new feature to the Chrome browser for iOS that allows users to securely generate, save, and enter passwords into any website or app on their smartphone. In addition, the company introduced a few new features for iPhone and iPad users.

"There's no better place to get things done on your iPhone and iPad than Chrome.  With the Chrome iOS app, you can securely remember your passwords so you don't have to guess anymore," stated Nasim Sedaghat, Product Manager, Chrome, in a blog post. Among the new tools is one that protects iOS from phishing, malware, and other web-based risks.

When users activate 'Enhanced Safe Browsing' on their iPhone or iPad, Chrome predicts and alerts them proactively if online sites are harmful by submitting information about them to 'Google Safe Browsing' for approval. The 'Revamped' home screen feature makes it simpler for users to discover new content or start a new search in Chrome for iOS when they have been away for a while, users will still be able to locate all of their recent tabs.

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