Here Is The List Of iOS 14, iPadOS 14 Features

 - Sakshi Post

The iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 updates from Apple for the iPhone and iPad are full of essential and useful new features, from a new library of apps and widgets on your home screen to tighter privacy features and enhancements to iMessage.

Apple has announced the first developer beta of iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2 following this week's public release of iOS 14.0. What changed in this update is unknown, but Apple is presumably working on enhancements and some new features.

Apple also announced the first developer betas of tvOS 14.2 and watchOS 7.1 in addition to iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2. The company launched macOS Big Sur beta 7 earlier today, and an Xcode 12.2 beta update that included references to iOS 14.2 and other updates.

For now, the upgrade to iOS 14.2 is only accessible through the Apple Developer portal, so those who want to instal new versions of iOS via the Over-The-Air framework will have to wait a little longer.

Previous reports have indicated that iPhone 12 will be launched with iOS 14.1 next month, as all users already have iOS 14.0 enabled. This means that iOS 14.1 will arrive before the new iPhones, which will be shipped with iOS 14.2 instead of 14.1.

iOS 14 has support for 20 new document fonts and new types including bold and italics have been introduced to some existing Indian fonts.

If you know someone with Devanagari email ID, you can now send them emails via the Mail app. In addition to addresses in Chinese, Japanese , Korean, Russian, and Thai, the software also supports Devanagari email IDs.

Apple also allows you to download software updates, Siri voices, and Apple TV+ downloads through mobile data which is great for India, where people use a lot of mobile data and broadband connectivity is still relatively poor.

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