GPS Tracker for Bike: Why is it a must-buy gadget?

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GPS Tracker for Bike: Why is it a must-buy gadget?

Are you worried about the security of your bike? If yes, then this article will be beneficial for you, after reading this article you will find the perfect solution to this problem & will not worry about the security of your motorbike. As we all know that bike isn't just a vehicle for many youngsters, it's their passion. They love to go on a long ride with their friends & family and enjoy each & every moment of their life while riding in the mountains. With the enjoyment of long journeys, the bike also brings fear in the mind of vehicle owners, fearful of losing their bike through theft, but Onelap Micro Plus, bike GPS tracker, can end all your worries regarding the security of your bike. It has an Anti-Theft alarm in it, which will alert you whenever someone will try to start your vehicle.

Onelap Telematics was started by Vishal Sharma & Shubham Choudhary in 2016. It aimed to make such a GPS tracking solution, which just not only helps the fleet owners but should be equally helpful for personal vehicle owners. It is a beneficial device, one of our customers has installed a bike tracker & said that it gives each & every detail about his vehicle, which is very helpful for him in maintaining his motorcycle in good shape. When asked about the benefits of this tracker for two-wheelers Onelap Co-founder, Vishal Sharma said that "It is a must-buy gadget for bike lovers because the bike isn't only a vehicle for them, it's their passion they have every right to know about their vehicle's condition regularly". Although Onelap is an India-based startup, its products aren't limited to India only, its services are also available in Qatar, Zimbabwe, and South Sudan.

Now the question is why people are so worried about their bike; they have to get a GPS tracker installed in their vehicle to enjoy it with no fear. The reason for this fear is the rising vehicle theft cases in the country. According to one report in 2018, nearly 44,000 vehicles got stolen out of which 32,000 were two-wheelers. These numbers can worry any bike owner for whom his bike is an asset. Therefore, getting a GPS tracker installed in your motorcycle is very important. Otherwise, a thief can steal your vehicle & you will be clueless about it.

Advantages of Onelap Micro Plus

1. Real-Time Tracking:

For bikers, it is a handy feature when someone else rides their bike. Suppose your friend has to attend a party or a function and his bike isn't in a working condition and he wants to take your bike there, as a friend you allow him to take your bike, and you tell him to give your bike back on time. Although you told him to return your bike before night, it's already 10 pm & he hasn't returned yet now you're getting worried about your friend & and about your bike & you can't do anything. Now, what if I tell you this situation won't arise if you have a GPS tracker installed in your bike? Yes, you read it right Onelap Micro Plus GPS tracker can solve this problem. With the help of GPS tracker, you can track your bike's location through your mobile application.

2. Anti-Theft Alert:

As we have already talked about a little about this feature at the beginning of this article, but here we will get into the details of this function because it's one of the most critical elements of this GPS tracker. Suppose you are returning from a long ride with your family and the entire family got tired & hungry, so you guys stopped between the journey to eat something at the nearest Restaurant. While you guys eating, a suspicious person comes near to your bike tries to steal it but you have a GPS tracker installed in your bike, so you get an instant anti-theft alert on your mobile & you will save your bike from theft. All thanks to the Anti-Theft alarm.

3. Safe-Zone:

The biker, while on vacation with family or being at home via Onelap mobile application can create a safe-zone around the area where he parked his bike so that whenever the vehicle enters or exit that area you will get an instant notification on your mobile. Suppose that you have come on a holiday with your family, which is an unknown place and you're worried about your parked vehicle in the night. However, you won't have to face this situation if you have Onelap Micro Plus GPS tracker installed in your bike because it allows you to mark a particular area as safe-zone if someone enters or exit that you will get notified instantly.

4. Economical:

People might feel that Onelap Micro Plus has so many features so it must have been costly but let me tell you one thing is not valid. Onelap Micro Plus price starts from ₹ 3500 which isn't expensive at all it's affordable for any bike owner if we consider the average cost of bikes in the country, which is ₹ 50,000-2 Lakh. So, if we believe the amount of bikes, the price of a GPS tracker is very economical. Therefore, it's better to get a GPS tracker installed in your motorcycle before losing your vehicle in the theft.

5. Regular Statistics:

Being passionate about your bike is fine, but you have to take care of your vehicle's health also & this feature will help you a lot. Regular statistics will give you a daily update regarding your bike, like how much distance it has covered, which routes it has taken & how much it has taken to reach the destination. Although, these are very tiny details of the vehicle but can prove to be a game-changer if you want to keep your bike in perfect health.

6. Emergency Button:

As we all know that problems don't come with an invitation, it can strike you anytime, anywhere & can create an unpredictable situation for you. However, if you have Onelap Micro Plus installed in your bike, you can tap on an SOS button which is also known as an emergency button in any kind of trouble so that satellites can track your location & an emergency alert will be sent to your mobile device.

7. Route History:

History of anything is significant for anyone & so makes the route history of your bike, it gives you the data of the past 90 days. To know the importance of this function suppose you have gone on a vacation with your friends where you haven't been before and the trip went very well,. Still, next month you decide it to go with your partner, but you didn't remember the route, where the importance of this function comes into place store your data for 90 days including the path you have taken throughout those days. Not only this you can share this on social media platforms also so the world can also see your memories.

8. Over-Speed Alerts:

As we have discussed in the first point the benefits of Onelap Micro Plus bike GPS tracker not limited to you only, some of it also comes into play when someone else is driving your bike like your friend or your family members. To get into the details let's take the example of the first point again suppose your friend has borrowed your bike to go somewhere & you have a GPS tracker installed although you told him to ride correctly you're still not sure, now at this moment the role of over-speed alerts comes into play. Through this feature, you can set your speed limits according to your convenience so that whenever your friend crosses that speed limit, you will get an instant notification on your mobile app so you can call him to inform to ride your bike correctly & don't over-speed it.

How to track your vehicles using Onelap?

Here are the following steps to use Onelap Micro Plus:

1. Purchase: Firstly you have to purchase the GPS tracker with the subscription plan of your choice. The product is available on both their official website and Amazon.

2. Installation: After purchasing the Onelap bike GPS tracker, get it installed on your bike. For installing this device, you can take the help of any local technician.

3. Install App: After installing the device in your bike, download the Onelap mobile app from the Google Play Store and sign up to create your account.

4. Tracking: After completing the above steps, just click on the add vehicle option & fill up all the details. Onelap Customer Support will activate your device within 15 minutes. Once your device gets activated, you can start enjoying the services of the GPS tracker.

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