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Website monetization:

Any website regardless of the niche it serves and traffic it drives can bring money once the art of website monetization is mastered. Bringing in profit is not as hard as it may seem with tons of established methods already available. Given the potential audience and the revenue sources there are always tons of ways to complement the ways of growth of a website besides just catering to the audience with regular updates with relevant information. One such way for instance is Google AdSense.


Gaming has always been a cool way to socialize and pass the time, be it offline or online. But with the advent of technology, smartphones have changed the face of video gaming even after that installing apps for every game hamper the performance of the device and may limit the choice of games available to gamers.

Keeping these concerns in mind was created a platform, Gamezop, which helps the users to play as many games as possible on a single platform without having to download any apps, in 2015 by siblings Yashash Agarwal and Gaurav Agarwal.

About Gamezop:

Gamezop is a mobile gaming platform, which doesn’t ask users to install apps, instead it embeds various games inside its partner apps where they can be played instantly on the very same page/platform/the embedded site. Another unique feature of the Gamezop gaming platform is its offline mode. Currently, Gamezop is partnering with 1300+ apps and sites. Gamezop can embed its games into any website or app, shopping, fitness, dating apps etc., as it has the most customized interface to suit the needs of every user.

Another intriguing feature of Gamezop is ad revenue.

Yes! You heard that right.

How can Gamezop be used in website monetization?

Gamezop is exclusively free and on top of that the users can generate revenue by hosting Gamezop games on their websites by way of website monetization through ads through the platform’s game publisher program.

Games are an attractive way to engage users along with earning revenue this can also increase the user traffic. Once the user’s requirements are clearly communicated the platform provides the user with a custom URL for the app or site of the user. URLs are useful in tracking the revenue made in the games by showing ads in middle of the games. 50% of the revenue earned from ads on the games that are hosted on the user’s website is paid to the user at the end of each month.

Gamezop has a detailed Leaderboards and tournaments integrated in its interface for the users to make use of in-app purchase/currency feature by organizing events/ competitions on games yet another way of making more monies.

Apart from ad revenue, are you also concerned about the user engagement? Your website traffic? Want to maximize the monetization on your website but no idea how to drive the engagement to your website? Feel free to contact Gamezop publishers for all your queries, because it offers a custom plan for all kinds of queries. This engaging method can be used just to drive engagement alone to the user website without having to run ads. More crowd, more revenue always!

Games are one good way of engaging people for more and more time on the websites or apps and developers at Gamezop always like challenges they ensure the games run on website seamlessly no matter the user technology or the website monetization platforms

The platform gives you an extra edge over making money from website as it has a built proprietary tech to optimize games for emerging markets too. The games work fine even for most unsophisticated handsets, very lowspeed internet and even offline or an outdated browser hence increasing the reach of the user website to not just smart phones but extending to rural areas increasing the chances of making money through the website.

Gamezop offers 250+ high quality games across various categories like cricket, ludo, quiz etc., to cater to the interests of various target audience. And the games are absolutely free to use. In fact, the platform pays 50% to use their services by offering an attractive way of engaging the potential audience to the website and make money from website resources.

The platform being the partner of the Google channel always ensures the users get high eCPMs enabling them to focus on their audience by taking care of the revenue all by themselves.

Gamezop source games from many developers globally and built tech to compress the games up to 80%without any loss in quality knowing the challenges in the developing markets. With this level of customization one can even monetize site with ads even from sources of foreign countries, be it from the users of Africa, Middle East or Brazil the platform offers even localized versions to rope in more and more audience.

Gamezop currently features on DeccanChronicle, Yahoo, Forbes, ET, OutlookBusiness, TechinAsia etc.

Not just website friendly, the game URLs can be shared across social media and messengers which can be leveraged to increase the traffic to the website as games are usually share across friends and communities once found engaging. With competitions and tournaments integrated into it, it just provides an extra edge to push the users to compete and share within their communities thereby driving in the crowd to the website.

Each of the games are optimized, customized and standardized according to the customer’s needs and is shared with the publishing partners (users). Easy integration tools have been developed to facilitate integration in any kind of website for all use-cases to help you make money from ads on your website. Monetization is driven by advertising/licensing/up-front payment revenues.


Gamezop has established a pattern based on user interest by offering selected and diverse games to suit the taste of every gamer and it introduces new games every week. The success and sustainability of any business lies in its ability to keep its users close and engaged and the strength of Gamezop lies in its interface which helps in the platform’s success and sustainability. As long as the platform is able to read the pulse of the users well and keep them on their toes for new updates every time, the excitement factor becomes an add on for the already present potential of immense chance of growth of the platform.

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