This Feature on Facebook Will Stop Working Soon

 - Sakshi Post

Facebook is all set to shut down the hyperlocal feature called Neighborhoods from October 1. This platform allowed people to connect with their neighbours, discover new places in their neighbourhood, and become a part of the local community. It was first introduced in 2022 in countries like as Canada and the United States, with consumers being given the option to join the service and create a unique profile. However, it was never widely released during this period, implying that Meta did not discover a primary reason for its existence. This might be the major reason to remove the feature.

Meta has not provided a clear explanation or reason for this move, but the company's recent focus on cost-cutting may have played a part. “When we launched Neighborhoods, our mission was to bring local communities closer together, and we’ve learned the best way to do this is through groups. Facebook has stated this about Neighborhoods. This was basically viewed as a digital directory, allowing others to view your profile and vice versa. Just like every other social media platform these days, Facebook had set up guidelines around which Neighborhoods would work", said the source.

It also has moderators to keep an eye on the hygiene and quality of the information and users on the network. However, as of October 1, this service will no longer be provided.

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