Download Entire Netflix In One Second With Japan Institute's 319 Tbps Internet Speed

 - Sakshi Post

Imagine getting high-speed internet on your phone and being able to download an entire movie in a heartbeat. It is a dream come true for kids these days, especially gamers. You will only blink and the movie or the game is downloaded. Well, an unbelievable speed was achieved at one of Japan’s institutes.

A new record was set at Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology where they were able to achieve a speed of 319 terabytes per second. This is a new world record as the last one was way less than this. University College of London reportedly was able to reach a net speed of 178 Tbps. As you can see the latest one is almost double it.

This means they are getting the speed of 319 terabytes per second (1 terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes). This University goes way beyond what the University College of London was able to achieve. When we compare this to other countries, their maximum speed reported was lesser. For example in India, it was 38.19 Mbps for fixed broadbands.

You can download as many things as you want and it will still not lose speed. Imagine with this kind of speed, you can watch anything and don’t even talk about buffering. To make you understand how to speed it is, let me give you an example.

It is like watching a movie currently in the highest quality without buffering and more than 20,000 films downloaded in the background in just one second. It is like downloading the entire content on an OTT platform (Amazon Prime, Netflix) in a second.

Let me tell you that even NASA doesn’t have this kind of speed. Their internet speed is 400 gigabytes per second, way less than the Japan institute’s internet speed. One can say that Nasa’s computers download stuff at a slower speed.

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