Boeing 747: How Much Fuel Does an International Plane Use For a Trip?

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Do You Know How Much Fuel is Required to Move Boeing 747 plane Each Second?

Boeing 747: Travel has become easier than before now. Gone are the days when we had to sit on a bus or a train for days to reach far off destinations. Now, aeroplanes have made travel faster and convenient too. Now, we're all aiming to travel even faster. As a result, everything right from on-road vehicles to planes soaring through the skies are constantly updated and enhanced.

You can reach Delhi from Hyderabad in a matter of 2 hours. Technology has advanced significantly in recent years. We can now go to places that formerly took days to reach in just one day. We can travel from India to America without being exhausted or uncomfortable.

This journey will take you across the sky, silver clouds, oceans, and more. We all know that no automobile can run without fuel. Motorcycles and cars require petrol and diesel. If that isn't the case, they won't move. Planes require fuel as well.

We ask about the mileage when we buy a bike or a car. We buy the ones offering the best mileage. Some individuals are curious as to how far a litre of fuel can get them. The mileage of a vehicle determines the price of the vehicle.

Do you have any idea how much fuel a plane uses?

We all know that Boeing 747 is the most popular plane in the world. A jumbo jet is a huge plane that looks like a skyscraper because of its massive size.

The fuel used in this plane is different from the one used in other planes. Boeing needs 4 litres of fuel to move one second. If it flies for 10 hours, it uses 36,000 gallons of gasoline. That's a total of 150 lakh litres.

This aeroplane uses 12 litres of fuel for a one-kilometre journey. A litre of fuel, after all, only takes you 84 metres. Boeing has more than 10,000 planes in operation across the world. Consider how many litres of fuel it uses on a daily basis.

Fuel consumption of the Boeing 747 per second

If an Airbus A321neo consumes 0.683 litres per second, a Boeing 747 consumes about 4 litres per second, or 240 litres per minute and 14,400 litres per hour.

The Boeing 747 could consume 187,200 litres on a 13-hour trip from Tokyo to New York City. The 747 burns about 12 litres every kilometre, according to the Boeing website. A 747 can transport up to 568 passengers. It has a fuel capacity of 238,840 litres.

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