A Beginner's Guide to Facebook Marketing: 5 Quick & Easy Ways

 - Sakshi Post

You may have observed that many younger people are opting for social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat and bypassing Facebook. Do not let this mislead you to think that Facebook is passé. It still plays a vital role in the market.

With over a billion logins per day, Facebook still reigns supreme. If you own a business, you should promote it on social media. Here, we highlight five simple ways that you can use Facebook marketing to promote your business. 

#1 Create Your Business Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook business page is not like a personal profile that you may be familiar with on your Facebook account. Although it looks similar, you get unique tools that are tailor-made for the requirements of your organization and brand.

For instance, a person can "like" you in a newsfeed, which does not happen in a personal profile. You are not allowed to furnish business details on a personal profile as it is against Facebook's terms and conditions.

Creating a business Facebook page is free. It works similar to a website, without the expenses that a website will incur. You don't have to bother about hosting or security certificates. Security will be taken care of in your privacy settings.

You can compare your business Facebook page to the homepage of your website. Hence, you need to furnish all your details and keep them up-to-date. Ensure that you provide a brief but accurate writeup about your business and your brand.

Facebook provides a variety of options for content under headings like About, Shop, Photos, Videos, Events, Community and more. You can make fair use of these options in the form of tabs, which provide effective CTAs to visitors on your page.

Spend much time and effort in creating your business page. A well-made Facebook business page is the best means of Facebook marketing for your business.

#2 Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Having created your Facebook business page, now you need to optimize it. If you have posted great content on your page, it has no meaning unless people can view it. To view it, they need to know about it. And, that is what optimization is all about.

Initially, you need to choose a suitable name for your page. You cannot change it later on, so ensure that it is relevant. You should also customize your vanity URL and add engaging content and photographs to your page. 

Optimize your "tabs" and organize them to make the most critical tabs visible first. Your tabs are the navigation bar of the page. Hence, you need to ensure that they are relevant and active. Add keywords to all the content that you post.

It is advisable to pay a lot of attention to your "about" section. Ensure that you update your contact information. The first line of your Facebook posts (18 characters) form a meta description, which appears in Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Another thing to note is to be aware of the new updates that Facebook adds regularly. Be mindful of these for maximizing the utility of your Facebook Business page.

#3 Use Facebook Ads

After creating and optimizing your Facebook page, the next step is to promote it through Facebook ads. To aid you further, you can use Facebook ad templates to help you compose engaging ads. You get three types of Facebook ads:

Link ads

They look like a shared article and can be linked to your landing page. A good link ad should contain captivating visuals and include compelling content about your brand. Don't forget to add a call to action (CTA) button. The entire ad serves as a link. 

Video ads

The name is self-explanatory. Videos play such a role in social media marketing today that you will love the way Facebook allows you to post video ads on your Facebook business marketing page. 

Make sure to keep your content relevant, and your videos should not be too long – perhaps 30 seconds to a minute, max.

Carousel ads

In this category of ads, you can post ten mini ads. The ads will then play successively as the viewer continues to swipe their smartphone or click on a PC. You can target specific demographics. If you manufacture pet accessories, for example, you can make your ads target pet owners.

#4 The Power of Retargeting

Merely creating ads and posting them on your Facebook business page is not enough. You need to do what is known as "retargeting." It can be best described as a sort of sequel to a previous ad, targeting particular audiences.

You can even schedule the retargeting videos to appear only to a particular group of people. For instance, you can make sequel videos pop up only to viewers who have seen 50% of your previous video, so they have some prior knowledge of the new one.

The philosophy behind retargeting is that the viewer is likely to be interested in watching follow-up videos. They now have a fair idea about what they are about to see. They probably have even developed an interest in the content that is being shown. 

It is a powerful way of creating marketing leads through your Facebook business page. If you add a free offer or discount in the second video ad, you will be more likely to make a conversion at that stage.

#5 Maintain Post Timings

When you are taking care of everything, maintaining a time to post content on your page is one more useful thing you can do. It makes sense to post content at a time when most audiences are likely to be logged in and browsing through Facebook.

You don't have to add your posts yourself – you can schedule fixed times in advance to post your content. According to estimates, weekdays are good times to post content.

You Can Make Your Business Flourish Through Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a powerful platform from through you can boost your business. If you are a beginner in social media marketing, Facebook is a user-friendly site where you can create your business page and promote your brand through Facebook marketing.

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