Become A Pro Gamer With These Must-have Gadgets!

 - Sakshi Post

In its report titled, 'Gaming Market, 2021-2028', Fortune Business Insight, mentions that this market stood at USD 203.12 billion in 2020 and continues to grow to dominate the popular discourse, and command the attention of new investors, aspiring gamers, and the media. It is estimated that in 2022, esports attracted 29.6 million monthly viewers. As professional and aspiring gamers continue to invest long hours in it, here are a few must-have gadgets and conveniences that could add to their ease and comfort.

1. Smarter projectors: While gaming monitors can optimize the output of the graphics card and CPU and render great images,  resolution, and frame rates,  serious gamers are opting for smart projectors as they offer better latency, portability, sharpest possible definition, and an unmatched, immersive experience that no monitor can hold a candle to.  

We recommend:  The Xgimi Horizon Pro 4k is the perfect choice for extensive streaming and gaming.  It comes with a built-in audio system, supports Chromecast, offers plug-and-play ease, and offers crystal clear graphics with minimum lag time. Images can be seen in their most precise and true-to-life form and the LED source makes it possible for gamers to play even in brightly lit, sunny rooms.    

2. Ergonomic chairs: Makes sense, doesn't it that a gamer must have a dedicated chair to spend long, sedentary hours in? The important point to consider is that a good-looking chair must feel good too and offer great lumbar support.  

Our recommendation:  The Razer Iskur chair is a perfectly sculpted, ergonomic beauty that supports posture with a built-in, fully adjustable lumbar curve aligned to the spine. It offers long-term ease and comfort that you cannot find in regular chairs.

3. Comfortable headsets:  Without a good gaming headset, it is hard to cancel out background noise and experience clear audio. Comfort, customization options, and good ergonomics are also factors that must be considered by tireless gamers.  To be able to control volume levels at the touch of a button is another convenience gamers need. 

We recommend: The HyperX Cloud II is a good choice with its digitally enhanced, noise-canceling microphone. Its echo cancellation is enabled through the USB sound card and it offers optimum sound quality and the convenience of seamless team communication and in-game chats. This is a pro-gaming optimized wonder that even the most serious gamers will appreciate.
 4. 4K Webcam- A high-resolution, feature-packed webcam is a must for any serious gamer and content creator.   For high-quality streaming, and to add distinct character, quality, and value to gameplay footage, a webcam that means business is a must.    

We recommend:  The Logitech Brio Stream Webcam is Ultra HD 4K and HDR, offers great images, has a speedy frame rate, has an adjustable field of view, and streams videos with fluidity. It even offers slow-motion replays and is optimized for streaming regardless of the light around without any lag.  

5. Blue light reduction glasses: Inveterate gamers are in danger of excessive exposure to the blue light emitted from screens and can suffer from eye fatigue and dryness. Every serious gamer must choose a pair of good quality, blue-light-blocking glasses that can make their screen time comfortable as overexposure to blue light seriously impacts eye health and disrupts the normal sleep cycle.  

We recommend Premium zero power Navigator spectacles from Intelligence. These are anti-glare, stylish, moderately priced,  lightweight and even have adjustable nose pads. They are perfect to protect gamers from the harm that extended use of electronic screens can inflict upon the eyes.  

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