Alert! WhatsApp Has Banned 2 Million Indian Users' Accounts, Check If Your Number On List!

 - Sakshi Post

Any person who owns a mobile phone is familiar with WhatsApp? This application has become the most used application among smartphone users. The company, in a compliance report, has now stated that it has banned at least 2 million users between May 15 and June 15, 2021, to prevent users from abusers’ harmful behaviour.

WhatsApp further stated, “In that one month, WhatsApp received 345 complaints from India, where it has over 530 million users. The company has challenged the traceability clause of the social media and intermediary guidelines. This is the fourth company to publish the report and appoint officers to abide by the new guidelines after Google, Twitter and Facebook.

It said that 95 per cent of accounts banned are due to bulk messaging or unauthorized usage. WhatsApp stated that its main focus is preventing accounts from sending harmful or unwanted messages on a large scale

We expect to publish subsequent editions of the report 30-45 days after the reporting period to allow sufficient time for data collection and validation, the company added in the report.

They further said, "We consistently invest in technology, people and processes to keep our users safe and secure. We maintain advanced capabilities to identify these accounts sending a high or abnormal rate of messages and banned 2 million accounts in India alone from May 15 - June 15 attempting this kind of abuse."

Whatsapp mentioned that it relies on available unencrypted information besides behavioural signals from accounts. It added that it also uses advanced AI tools and resources to detect and prevent abuse on its platform.

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