7 Apps With Joker Malware That Every Android Phone User Must Delete Right Now!

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Malware is now infecting a large number of apps. Seven Android apps have already been found to contain the Joker malware. If you have a mobile phone and high usage of it, you will know that it also has the risk of a virus or malware infecting it. You can always avoid these dangers by being aware of what is harming your phone and taking steps to safeguard it from those risks.

The Joker malware can infiltrate devices and sign people up for payment services without their knowledge. The Joker virus has been found in seven apps: QRcode Scan, EmojiOne keyboard, Battery Charging Animations Battery Wallpaper, Dazzling Keyboard, Volume Booster Loud Sound Equaliser, Super Hero Effect, and Classic Emoji Keyboard.

Out of all of them, many have downloaded the EmojiOne Keyboard app. There weren’t many downloads for the other apps, so that comes as good news.

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An expert in these Android malwares warned about the apps infected by the Joker malware. An analyst named Tatyana Shishkova has discovered a number of malware-infected Android apps on the Google Play Store.

This isn't the first time the malware has infiltrated apps from the Google Play store. Even if the infected apps are removed immediately, the virus returns after a few months and infects a new group of apps. Earlier it had infested apps like Auxiliary Message, Travel Wallpapers, Super SMS, and others.

It is best that you read the reviews, comment section, and check the rating of the app before installing it. Check the provider of these apps.

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