Wireless Earphones, Airpods: Which Brand to Choose and Why?

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Firstly, let’s understand what wireless earphones exactly mean. Instead of the traditional wired headphones/ earphones which must be connected to a headphone jack on your device for use, these wireless products do not require you to plug it into your device. In wireless earphones, there are two categories: wireless and true wireless. Wireless is wherein you can use your product to a range from your device, and true wireless is wherein you do not have to be in a range from your device; you can use it wherever.

According to apple.in, Airpods, a true wireless product, up to 5 hours of battery life is guaranteed, and only 15 mins of charging provides up to 3 hours of listening time. Despite it being compatible with only iOS products, many people would go for it because of the value and recognition of the brand. Being aesthetically pleasing, they are also light weight weighing only 4 grams.

Airpods also have two methods of charging: using the case (provided) and connecting that to a lightning cable or a more convenient way: wireless charging using the Qi charger. Like most earphones, you can press play/pause/skip with a double tap. They also have a microphone; however, many users have complained about the below average quality of the microphone. Even though they have sweat and dust resistance, Airpods are not waterproof, which is a fundamental feature a majority of the population requires. The biggest con has to be the fact that these are only compatible with iOS products. Airpods with wireless charging case, cost 15399 INR in India. Now we will compare this product to several other products to compare all their features.

Now looking at other earphones, let’s start with the Beats Flex Wireless Earphones. Unlike Airpods, the Beats Flex Wireless Earphones have a listening time of up to 12 hours. One of the biggest pros: Beats Flex are compatible with both iOS and Android. Like the Airpods, they are also lightweight and comfortable to use, at 18.6 g; they obviously weigh more than the Airpods because Beats Flex are wireless earphones, not wireless earbuds like the Airpods. For charging, a USB-C charge connector is included, whereas for the Airpods, the Qi charger must be purchased separately. A special feature is the Beats Flex packaging is made from 87% plant-based material sourced from recycled fiber and/or sustainable forests. It is worth the ₹4,499.

The third product we’re looking at is JBL Tune 175BT wireless Neckband earphones. Beating both of the previous products, the JBL earphones have a battery life upto 16 hours. There is a Built-in voice assistant, like the other two products. It weighs less than Beats Flex at 16.2 grams, so it’s more lightweight. There have been many positive reviews about the comfortability of the earphones. There is a convenient 3-button remote control with a microphone. The charger used is the same as that for the Beats Flex: a USB Type-C charger. Even with its high audio and material quality, it is waterproof, a big con. The JBL Tune 175BT is quite affordable compared to the other two earphones starting at ₹2,499.

Overall, the Beats brand is the best brand to choose the wireless earphones form because of its audio quality, environmental cautiousness, comfortableness, and high battery life.

The article is authored by Bhavana Gundeti, a student of Suchitra Academy, Hyderabad. She interned with Sakshi Post

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