WhatsApp View Once Feature Makes Videos, Photos Disappear After Seen

 - Sakshi Post

WhatsApp's View Once: Learn how to use this feature to your advantage.

WhatsApp is set to release yet another new feature in the near future. The firm recently announced the launch of a new feature dubbed 'View Once,' which allows the recipient to only see the data supplied by the user once. This new functionality was recently included in the Android beta version. When the 'View Once' option is activated, a user's video, picture, or other material can only be seen once by the recipient. More information is available in the WABetaInfo report.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp's 'View Once' feature has been launched in the beta version operating on Android OS. In this release, the new feature has been given out to beta users. If you still don't see this function, you'll need to reinstall the programme. According to a recent rumour, iOS beta users will soon get access to the new feature.

Some of the screenshots from the study assessing the performance of this new feature have gone viral. They examine 'View Once's performance. After you've updated your app with the new feature, the opportunity to preview messages will appear. If the receiver opens the files delivered using this method and then closes them, the media will be automatically destroyed. WhatsApp has stated that it is working on this feature to improve the security of images and videos.

Is the message delivered to the intended recipient? Users may see if the receiver is open or not by looking at the entire information. This function allows the receiver to capture a snapshot of the media, even if it can only be seen once. Because there isn't a snapshot detection option on WhatsApp. The sender of the message has no way of knowing that a screenshot was captured. For this feature to work, the receiver app does not need to be set to 'View Once' mode.

This new View Once feature is also applicable to WhatsApp groups. All members of the group can only see the media once when it is sent in this way. You can find out how many people have opened the media by going to the Message Info tab in the group. User-blocked contacts, on the other hand, remain active in all groups. As a result, even users who have been blocked by other users will be able to access shared materials once in the 'View Once' mode in groups.

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