WhatsApp New Policy: What Happens if You Don't Accept

 - Sakshi Post

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app. It is understood that even if users do not comply with the privacy policy rules by May 15th, their accounts will not be deleted. WhatsApp users exhaled a sigh of relief with this news.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, has recently come out with a new twist. In January, WhatsApp revised its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Customers were being informed about the latest improvements and notifications started coming in. Following the outpour of criticism over its consumer privacy policies, WhatsApp has since taken a step back.

WhatsApp recently made a few more decisions. After May 15th, if you do not consent to the terms of the privacy policy, your account will not be deleted. However, the number of services will be reduced.

According to the recent decisions, this is the case. If you do not agree with the new privacy policy, please do not use this platform. After a few weeks, the chat window will not appear. WhatsApp calls will be blocked within a few years as well. If not accepted, the strategy will remain unchanged. After a few weeks, the reminders will change. If the policy remains unapproved. Calls and texts are also terminated.

In general, WhatsApp seems to have taken these decisions in order to approve the privacy policy in any way. Initially, the policy on privacy was heavily criticized.  As a result, WhatsApp's user base has been slowly dwindling.

The Supreme Court and the Competition Commission of India are in the same boat as the Centre. They seem to have intended to reduce services indirectly by ignoring the objections and taking their own path.

The accounts will not be removed after May 15 because of the latest decisions. However, the number of services will be reduced. When a consumer asks WhatsApp, what happens if I don't agree with such a new policy, I tell them that "if you don't, you will lose services." Services will be reduced before you give your approval. You won't be able to see the chat window, you won't be able to respond to incoming WhatsApp phone and video calls, your number will be removed from groups, and you won't be able to use the WhatsApp backup service.

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