Twitter Update: You Can Control Who Replies to Your Tweets

 - Sakshi Post

A new feature on Twitter lets users control who can give replies to their tweets. However, for this feature, users have to update their app

Anyone can now share their hobbies and ideas with others, thanks to the advent of social media. In addition, the general public also has the opportunity to connect directly with celebrities. Fans now have direct access to celebrities. And netizens expressing their displeasure over celebrities' statements are not unheard of.

However, this can occasionally result in trolling. People writing negative comments about things they don't like have gotten a lot of attention recently. Some social media platforms have introduced a feature to allow users to control who may comment on their posts to prevent trolling.

Now, a similar feature has been added to Twitter. Earlier, this option was only accessible before tweeting. Now, isn't it good if you had the ability to manage replies to your posts on Twitter they have been sent? Sounds fantastic, right? Twitter has added a new function keeping this in mind.

Even after you've tweeted using this new option, you'll be able to choose who may reply. Users just need to update their app to enable this feature. With this new feature, Twitter's owner aims to combat trolls.

There's little question that trolling will come to an end as a result of Twitter's new feature. Meanwhile, Facebook is reported to have implemented a similar feature. Facebook has given the option for users to choose who can comment on their Facebook posts.

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