Twitter Testing New Anti-abuse Feature Safety Mode

 - Sakshi Post

Twitter is experimenting with a tool that automatically bans accounts that make abusive comments.

Twitter is experimenting with a new anti-abuse feature known as 'Safety Mode.'

Twitter's latest test might bring long-awaited comfort to those who have been harassed on the network.

Twitter is experimenting with a new safety feature that would immediately block accounts for seven days if they use insults, abusive comments, or unsolicited responses. Once 'Safety Mode' is engaged, Twitter's computers will estimate the likelihood of a negative engagement based on the content of the tweet and the relationship between the author and the responder. Accounts with whom you communicate regularly will not be automatically banned.

The mode may be turned on from the settings menu, which activates a seven-day algorithmic screening procedure that screens out possible misuse.

"Our goal is to better protect the individual on the receiving end of Tweets by reducing the prevalence and visibility of harmful remarks," Twitter Product Lead Jarrod Doherty said.

Twitter claims to have consulted specialists in mental health, internet safety, and human rights when developing the new feature.

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