The top artificial intelligence trend to watch in 2020

 - Sakshi Post

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the technology that can make machines think and act like humans. Machines are designed to study human actions, behaviour and their online moves through special AIalgorithms to understand humans and how they function. The latest examples are Siri and Alexa, who have the ability to answer almost every question we may have.

All over the globe, major industries are using AI technology to help their customers enjoy the benefits of AI associated with their products and services. The online gambling industry is also not left far behind. Online casinos are now using AI extensively to offer a never before seen experience to gamblers with the help of customised gaming options, ads, messages, and a lot more.

Better customer experience

AI helps casinos to maintain a massive amount of customer’s data, which can further be analysed to understand each customer. The casinos offer games based on the interest of the customers.

AI is trained to learn the types of games an individual is interested in and customise their homepage with a game that is more likely to appeal to them. This means that you would not have to scroll through hundreds of games to search for the game of your liking.

In combination with customer communication, customer-oriented solutions are delivered faster and resolve problems more efficiently. AI’s capability to deliver a personalised experience and automated recommendations have the ability to attract more customers to gamble online in the best instant play casinos.

AI to protect casinos

AI protects players as well as casino operators. The technology can be used to track down players who commit fraud and are a threat to the safety of other players. The data analysis and self-learning skills help AI to protect casino websites from such fraudsters.

It might be difficult for a human to recognise the behaviour pattern of a cheater, but for a sophisticated AI program, it is a simple task. This technology can effortlessly and accurately determine if someone is cheating and inform the casino accordingly.

AI systems can also be used to detect any fraudulent payment transactions and prevent any illegal payments from going through.

AI to provide a more realistic experience

The technology advancements have resulted in the popularity of online casino gambling. Many trusted websites are facilitating their customers with a real game experience through AI systems. Loaded with more realistic and immersive gaming experience, online casinos are a big hit among regular gamblers.

With the help of AI, today, one can enjoy online poker tables in 16-bit graphics. Players can play with a live human dealer and can see their fellow players, thus getting the feeling of playing in a land-based casino.

The LiveChat option helps resolve a player's queries within seconds. Thanks to AI,players no longer have to wait for their problems to be resolved and can enjoy a seamless playing experience.

Accurate prediction of future moves

Previously, humans in casinos were appointed to predict strategies of different players. However, all predictions were not 100% right, as no human can predict accurate results when there are equal odds. But, with artificial intelligence, casinos are able to predict the moves accurately based on the player’s past actions. This way, a casino can have a better house edge and win more with the use of AI technology.

AI is also equipped with a specialised gaming technique as per the level of theplayer. AI can study the opponent’s pattern to understand if they are a beginner or an expert and moves the card accordingly. If a casino always wins then the player mightlose interest and switch to another online casino site. So, AI is used to keep an eye out forsuchissues and combat them to boost the traffic on casino websites.

Attracting more traffic

Most people who engage in gambling belong in the age range of 40 to 65 years. However, since the older generation finds it slightly more difficult to get acquainted with technology, it is the need of the hour for online casinos to gather more young players.

So, with the help of AI, casinos are promoting online gambling to attract a younger crowd. New strategies are being introduced with video monitors that act like real humans. The tech-savvy young adults are enjoying the perks that come with the latest technologies and are continually visiting casino websites which give them a real casino experience.


The gambling industry has changed drastically, and its expansion is getting better and better as each day passes. Once started from in-house gambling, the gaming industry has seen a significant shift to online casino playing. Smartphones have attracted more users to play their favourite casino games online, and the addition of AI technology has added a feather in the cap of the gaming world. AI is there to provide a safer and enjoyable environment for both casinos and gamblers.

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