Short Video Community Tiki Launches First Edition of ‘Tiki Star Award’

Short Video Community Tiki Launches First Edition of ‘Tiki Star Award’ - Sakshi Post

The award honours creators across categories at the grassroots level in India.

To acknowledge the Indian creator community, the short-form video community, Tiki, recently commemorated its flagship event, the "Tiki Star Award." The inaugural award ceremony took place at The Leela Palace, New Delhi, on March 4th, 2022. Over 1.67 million people watched the ceremony live on Tiki. The ceremony recognised the prominent faces across the country who showcased their talent through the Tiki app. The awardees were selected by their fans via an online voting procedure.

Tiki, aiming to redefine the standard for short video creation, has millions of monthly active users in India. To provide a platform to grassroots level creators, Tiki focuses on creating and building authentic entertainment, a fan community, and strong peer support. The platform’s vision is to help India’s talented content creators make a living doing what they love. With the Tiki Star award, the brand wants to celebrate the community of creators that we have built.

Speaking at the award ceremony, a Tiki spokesperson said, "We would like to congratulate and extend our gratitude to the creators for choosing Tiki to showcase their talent. Our aim through these awards is to celebrate the creators who have achieved their own growth on the platform. We are pleased to honour the individuals who embody the spirit of true talent and encourage others to pursue their dreams and showcase them through our platform. "

Tiki wanted to keep the judging criteria as transparent as possible to felicitate the deserving creators. The judging criteria were based on the popularity defined by the views of videos and followership growth. The top 5 creators in each category were selected by user votes. The final winners of each category were decided by the judging panel.

Excited about his win, Deepesh Tiwari, "Tiki Star 2021," said, "It is a great pleasure that my work has been recognised by Tiki. The pursuit of the passion to present to the world various forms of art and skills is a driving force for us and helps us to take the level of entertainment to the next level. This award is an achievement that will help us to create better and more amazing content in the future.

Sonal Agrawal, the winner of 'Tiki Best Personality', said, "This feels unreal. I didn’t know my love for short video creation could make me a prominent face in the creator community. Heartfelt gratitude to Tiki for providing me with a platform that has conferred me with the title. Tiki is a great platform that recognises and acknowledges the hard work we creators put in and I am truly humbled to be accepting this award. "

Keeping in mind the varied genres of the platform, Tiki divided the award into 13 categories to recognise the creators from every genre. The award categories included: Tiki Content Star, Tiki Fashion Star, Tiki Talent Star, Tiki Popular Star, Tiki Dance Star, Tiki Rising Star, Tiki Face, Tiki Star 2021, Tiki Potential Star, Tiki Expression Star, Tiki Melodrama Star, Tiki Best Personality, and Tiki Comedy Star.

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