Selling Your Old Smartphone? Tips to Remove Personal Data Before Handover

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Are you selling or buying a new smartphone in an exchange offer? Do you know how to reset your mobile before handing it over to others?

Are you planning on selling your old phone to someone? Remember to keep these suggestions in mind

Every week, a new smartphone hits the market. Individuals these days change their phones every year, thanks to the new models being launched month after month. Some people wish to test a new smartphone for six months. People would earlier buy smartphones after using the old ones at least for two years. However, with market players tempting people with great features and offers, one is lured into purchasing a new phone almost every year.

What to do with your older smartphones?

You can give it to anyone who needs it in the house. Alternatively, you could even sell your phone in the second-hand market. And if you'd want to trade your old smartphone for a new one, you can. Before you sell your old smartphone, you should take certain measures to ensure your personal data is not misused. Read on to learn more.

Back up your data and reset the phone.

If you're selling your phone, remember to reset it beforehand. If you sell your smartphone without first resetting it, the consequences will be bad. Selling your phone without first resetting it is like entrusting your life to them. Your personal conversations, photographs, selfies, document files, online surfing history, and other personal information and files on your smartphone could end up in the hands of others. Don't be shocked if sensitive documents and photographs are used to blackmail. That's why you should back up all your data and reset your phone.

How to reset your phone?

If you open the account in settings, you'll be able to see all the accounts that are logged in on that smartphone. You need to log off from all those accounts. Then, on your PC or laptop, make a backup of your critical data. After making sure you don't have any important files on your smartphone, you'll need to do a factory reset.

Steps to factory reset your phone:

To perform a factory reset, go to Settings and choose Reset. Accounts, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Apps, and SD Card Data are among the possibilities. Apart from that, you may Erase All Data or Factory Data Reset. Your phone will be reset if you select Erase all data or Factory Data Reset. After the reset, none of your data or accounts will be displayed on your smartphone. Without signing in again, you may sell your old smartphone.

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