Reliance Jio Users Experience Download Issues After Speed Drops

 - Sakshi Post

The average download speed for Reliance Jio users dipped to 1.5 Mbps in October, as per data disclosed by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). However, Jio continues to maintain its lead in 4G download speeds by delivering 17.8 Mbps. Jio speed is 95 percent faster than  Idea having 9.1 Mbps average download speed and stands in second place. In terms of upload speed, Jio failed in its growth. It is known that Vodafone and Idea were merged last year even though TRAI is still counting it as separate telcos on its MySpeed portal.

Here is the latest data available on the MySpeed portal:

Download speed:

Jio is continuing its leadership with 17.8 Mbps in October. However, the speed drops from the 19.1 Mbps recorded in September.

Idea is in the second position with 9.1 Mbps speed in October and 8.6Mbps noted in September. This was 0.5 Mbps up

Vodafone is in third with a speed of 8.8 Mbps.

Airtel is maintaining 7.5 Mbps average download speed.

Upload speed:

Vodafone retains top position with 6.5 Mbps speed in October

Idea is in the second position with 5.9 Mbps speed

Airtel showed some improvement in upload speed with an increase of 0.3 Mbps to 3.8 Mbps.

Jio remained with 3.5 Mbps.

All the TRAI data is based on the record that shown in MySpeed app on monthly basis.

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