Record Bookings for Make in India Electric Bike

Record Bookings for Make in India Electric Bike - Sakshi Post

In the two months after its launch, this Made-in-India e-bike has received one lakh bookings.

The Rugged e-bike has a projected range of 160 kilometres and an intriguing design that is not traditional.

The rugged e-bike comes with an LCD cluster, a USB charging port, and the ability to lock and unlock it using a smartphone.

Electric Bike: eBikeGo announced on Monday that its Rugged electric bike, which was released in India two months ago, had received over one lakh orders. eBikeGo claims that the paid bookings total roughly Rs 1,000 crore, indicating that the electric vehicle revolution in India is still on two wheels.

Although eBikeGo touts Rugged as the "most powerful electric bike ever created," the company is also seeking to expand its reach across the country. It has announced the closure of Rugged master franchises in three states: Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Maharashtra. It has also opened 22 dealerships around the country.

eBikeGo anticipates the pace of bookings to stay high in the future, especially given the current holiday season. "It is India's most environmentally friendly, intelligent, and durable electric moto-scooter," said Irfan Khan, Founder and CEO of eBikeGo. "It will change the direction of e-mobility in the country and push the frontiers of innovation in the electric bike category."

According to the firm, it hopes to reach 50,000 bookings within the next few months. Rugged is now available in four additional colour options for Diwali: Red, Blue, Black, and Rugged Special Edition.

Rugged E-Bike Specifications

Rugged is a Made-in-India product powered by a 3kW motor. It has a top speed of roughly 70 kilometres per hour. The e-bike's 2 x 2 kWh battery can be swapped and recharged in around 3.5 hours. Rugged is said to have a range of roughly 160 kilometres.

A steel frame and cradle chassis are also used to construct the e-bike. There are 30 litres of storage capacity on the product, as well as 12 smart sensors.

Rugged E-Bike Price

Rugged prices start from approximately ₹85,000 and go up to ₹1.05 lakh. These prices are ex-showroom and do not include any discounts or rebates. It comes in two different variants: G1 and G1+.

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