Never Search These Words on Google

Never Search Words on Google - Sakshi Post

Are you searching for everything on Google? No, don’t do that. There are some banned words you cannot search on Google and doing so might put you in trouble. 

Many people keep searching for anything and everything on Google and think that no one would find out about their search. If you are one of those with such a misconception, you will be amazed after reading this. Google has a team that constantly monitors where searches are coming from. The data of who searched what is readily available in their database.

So the next time you start searching for something on Google, think again.

Here are things that you cannot and should not search on Google.
1.    How to make bombs
2.    Child Pornography
3.    Information on Abortion
4.    Customer care numbers
5.    Medicines and treatments
6.    How to join terrorist organizations
7.    Illegal Apps and Software
8.    About Stock market and trading advice

Search on these topics could be problematic for your future. Sometimes you might end up in the prison also. So we all need to be careful about this. Be sure to follow these things from today.

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