National Siblings day: Apps to Plan a Fun Day With Your Sibling

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No one in our life can understand us better than our siblings. Our best friends, confidantes, they are our forever cheerleaders. Sometimes, we even fight, but they leave no stone unturned in times of trouble. 

The Siblings’ day falls on April 10 every year. It is especially dedicated to the special bond that we share with our brothers and sisters. 

This Siblings’ day enjoys a fun day with your sibling with the following apps. 

1. Ludo King- Any day is fun when you are with your sibling. But make it more fun by playing some ludo. We all remember waiting for the sixes on the dice and missing to hit home by one house. This Siblings’ day lives the nostalgia with your sibling in the most possible fun manner. With the app, you can play ludo in person and if your sibling is not in another city or country, you can play with them virtually. The best thing about the app is that it bridges the interaction gap with the reacts button and chat tab. 

2. Netflix- What is a good day without a good movie. This year bring out the cinema connoisseur in you and your sibling with a Netflix subscription. Coincidentally, siblings day is falling on a weekend this year so you have time to binge-watch a series or two depending on what it is that you want to watch. Also, a movie marathon is a great idea for the weekend, isn’t it? 

3. Instagram- This weekend makes some fun reels and memories with your sibling. Our siblings are so special that we love a little social media bragging, don’t we.? Siblings day is a good day to gather with your siblings and click a lot of pictures. These pictures will become good memories for the future you and your siblings. With Instagram, you can upload pictures and edit and add various filters. They have interactive and fun filters which would be a jolly fun thing to do with your sibling. 

4. mPokket- Cash crunch should never come between you and your love for your sibling. As sibling's day knocks at the door, don’t let insufficient budget limit you. Addressing your financial woes, mPokket is here to the rescue. They understand the last-minute cash crunch that happens with young people and offer quick and easy loan disbursals. As mPokket is a registered NBFC, it is completely safe and secure to get loans from them. 

5. Bookmyshow- If you and your sibling are the outdoorsy types, you can find a plethora of things to do at bookmyshow. You may book movies, events, plays, sports, and various activities on the platform. The events include comedy shows, concerts, and workshops on topics from writing, dating, and mental health. They also have curated food tours, night walks, and unique route tours for exploring the city. You may also choose to do adventure games or even mystery rooms. 

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