Instagram Requires Users To Share Birth Dates For Youth Safety

 - Sakshi Post

For the sake of kids' safety, Instagram will require users to reveal their birth dates.

As part of an attempt to introduce additional safety features for younger people, Instagram will begin requiring users to validate their birthdays.

Instagram has considered developing a version of its app for children under the age of 13, leading legislators to call on Facebook to abandon the plans, claiming that the social media firm "has a clear record of failing to protect children on its platforms."

The information will be used to "ensure we provide the right experience for the right age group" according to the company.

When users open Instagram, the app will prompt them for their birthdays and then display multiple pop-up notifications if they do not input their birthday. To continue using the platform, all users who haven't revealed their birth dates will be obliged to do so.

Only Instagram users who have never posted their birthdays on the platform will be affected by the changes.

Instagram also stated that it was aware that certain users may input a fake birth date and that it was working on new technology to solve the problem.

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