Hybrid And Virtual Event Technology Platforms For A Sustainable Future

 - Sakshi Post

Last year with the announcement of the lockdown, the sphere of outdoor entertainment came to an absolute standstill. In the pandemic, the event sector made space for numerous innovative ideas such as hosting events in such a way that viewers can enjoy the performance of their favourite artist right from the comfort of their homes. The pandemic has opened doors of opportunity for organisations in the virtual events space. Cutting edge technology has facilitated in creation of flexible formats to increase audience reach and engagement. It has shown that the convenience of hosting virtual or hybrid events has significantly reduced costs for organisations. 

Technology has enabled event organisers to experiment with the scope and format of events, delivering value in real-time. A digital-first approach to industry events and networking is now the norm, bringing with it new opportunities to make meaningful connections virtually, along with a more adaptable, convenient and precise way to organize and attend industry events. 

Hybrid events combining live and virtual elements are the new buzzword in the events. Virtual events attract wider audiences; organizations should cater to the specific needs of each segment. Virtual events tend to incur much lower running costs than live ones. With no venue to rent, no travel cost to pay for, no physical booths or stage building costs, money is already being directed at ensuring the best possible experience for attendees and exhibitors. 

Here are 5 platforms that enable industries to engage with their audiences virtually:

1. ibentos- ibentos is an EventTech partner that offers an experiential platform for all virtual and hybrid events. The Event Technology Company formed in December 2020 is one of the very few Virtual Event platforms that is bootstrapped and yet doing phenomenally well globally. The company has worked for various associations and ministries and almost all industries and sectors including finance, media, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, automobile, travel, banking, power, oil & gas and so on. Within a short span of 5 months, they have acquired businesses from India, Europe, America, South East Asia and Australia.

2. Hubilo - Hubilo is a global intelligent virtual events platform(hub) that brings Experience & Intelligence together. Hubilo is re-imagining the marketing landscape that will emerge around virtual events and unlock massive insights for key stakeholders such as CMOs, event organisers, and sponsors to track attendee engagement, lead quality and other event-related data.

3. Airmeet- Airmeet is the fastest growing platform for hosting a rich variety of virtual events. From Hackathons to ice-breakers, panel discussions to workshops, Airmeet’s intuitive experience delivers on organisers expectations for a wide range of events and not just conferences.

4. vFairs-  strives to deliver top-class virtual events for all audiences with an intuitive platform that recreates physical events through an immersive online experience. With a range of powerful features and dedicated support for users around the world, vFairs removes the hassle from organizing, exhibiting at, and attending events such as conferences, trade shows, and career fairs.

5. Dreamcast- Dreamcast specializes in transforming virtual experiences by offering useful & immersive features that allow you to seamlessly host engaging as well as customized virtual events, hybrid events, webinars, live streaming and webcasting that best suit your requirements.

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