How To Unlock Your Phone Without Password, Passcode

 - Sakshi Post

There are many times that you can’t remember your phone’s password. If you are an iPhone user, this is for you. There are times when you cannot remember what the passcode was and typing it wrong multiple times will lead to trouble.

Here is how you can unlock your phone without entering the passcode. For this, it is necessary that all your data be backed up in iCloud. Through this, you can restore your phone data.

Follow these steps:

1. Connect your iPhone device to a computer/laptop and open iTunes.

2. Restart the phone. Depending on your phone model, the restarting button will differ.

3. This will lead to a message popping up on your computer screen. "There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored"

4. Select the ‘restore’ option. This will do the work.

It is important that you back up all your data on the cloud. If you didn’t, the data may be lost. The paramount step for this procedure to work is to have all the data backed up.

  • This process can take a few minutes. Restoring the data takes time.

  • If it exceeds 15 minutes, start the procedure again.

  • Do not worry as all the data will be restored.

  • Make sure you do not unplug while the restoring is in process.

Restoring the Data

1. From the 'Apps & Data' section, select 'Restore from iCloud Backup'.

2. Sign in and choose the backup from your iCloud.

This will help you restore all your data without any concern.

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