How to Download Free 4k YouTube Videos

 - Sakshi Post

You can download 4K and 8K YouTube videos to your PC using free third-party software.

We're fast approaching the age of 4K as the mainstream resolution, with fresh 4K material being added to YouTube daily. Unfortunately, using YouTube's usual settings, you won't be able to watch these videos offline in full definition.

Several third-party apps exist that allow you to download YouTube videos in their entirety at the greatest resolution available, including 4K and 8K. The 4K Video Downloader for Desktop is the most dependable of these applications.

Although downloading YouTube videos to view secretly is technically against the rules, as long as you aren't re-uploading or distributing anything without permission—and you aren't taking premium videos and music—you should be fine.

Here's how to use the YouTube 4K Video Downloader. Follow the steps to download your favourite videos and save them.

How To Download Youtube Videos With 4K Video Downloader

  • First, download the 4K Video Downloader on your computer and install it.
  • In a web browser, go to YouTube. Make sure the YouTube PWA is also functional.
  • Locate the video you wish to save.
  • Copy the video's link from the URL bar or the video player controls' "Share" button.
  • Click "Paste Link" in the 4K Video Downloader.
  • The data from the video will be parsed by the app. This generally takes a few seconds, but depending on the size of the movie, it may take a little longer.
  • From the first drop-down box, choose "Download Video." You may also choose "Extract audio" to only download the video's audio.
  • Choose the video format and quality you want (the video quality selections are limited by the native resolution of the video).
  • If you want subtitles, choose them from the "Download Subtitles" drop-down box.
  • The "Download" option should be clicked.

Allow for the download to finish. Download time will vary depending on the size of the movie and your internet speed, just like data processing in step 6. The download time for most 1080p videos is typically a few minutes (depending on length), while 4K files can take up to 30 minutes.

You may watch the video once it has been downloaded by clicking it from the download history feed. By default, the 4K Video Downloader's download folder is situated under This PC > Videos, where you can find and transfer the file.

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