Here is The Best Projector to Upgrade Your Gaming Console With!

 - Sakshi Post

If you are a passionate gamer, looking to make your experience more immersive than ever, award-winning company XGIMI's Horizon PRO is the perfect answer. It is not uncommon for large TV screens to be used for gaming sessions but a good projector can really take the thrill and the excitement to another level with a gigantic screen size of 300”.

Horizon PRO does not just stretch your gaming canvas across the width of your living room wall but thanks to advancements in projector technology, imbues the imagery with a never-before brightness and clarity, thanks to a stunning resolution up to 3840x2160p.  Horizon Pro does not just deliver the best gaming or movie night experience but also stands out as the most versatile and easiest to use true 4K home projector. With the highest 4K image quality available in a projector of this size, Horizon Pro also boasts an ultra HD picture quality and futuristic projection.

Its plug-and-play simplicity and portability enable anyone to set it up anytime, anywhere, instantly, intuitively. No matter what the location, Horizon Pro is ready to deliver the best results with a super-fast startup, automatic focus and keystone correction, and a brand-new AI object detection.  

Horizon Pro turns on fully in seconds and uses cutting-edge intelligent screen detection to automatically match the screen size with the size of the projected image. XGIMI’s industry-leading automatic keystone correction technology aligns HorizonPro’s 4K picture vertically and horizontally to custom fit any wall or screen to a perfect aspect ratio. The manual keystone can further customize the screen up to a lateral projection of 45 degrees. What's more, XGIMI’s unique X-VUE image engine system significantly increases the clarity and fidelity of dynamic pictures. Priced at  Rs.1,87,500, Horizon Pro is available at the XGIMI India website and Amazon.

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