Google's New Feature To Identify Fake News Coming Soon

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New search feature from Google to inform users about fake news.

Google will soon add a critical function to the Search section to make fake news detectable.

Fake News! This has become a major global concern. In recent years, misinformation about important subjects, such as the Coronavirus, has become a major headache. Moreover, some are putting in long hours to build these kinds of information while others are unwittingly spreading this false information and some people end up believing this fake news.

Twitter, Facebook, and Google have all stepped forward to monitor for fake news as a result of this. Twitter uses a manipulated media tag to filter similar content.

Facebook has also introduced several tools to detect disinformation, but these are insufficient at the moment.

Google is currently working on bringing the most significant feature to the search section. After conducting a Google search, it detects false news and prepares to notify users. Google mentioned this feature at a recent conference.

For this, Google will collaborate with Wikipedia. The website's overview and links to its Wikipedia pages will be visible to users. "It is focused on the information given by thousands of volunteers around the world, similar to the Wikipedia Open Edit model. This knowledge is extremely current. In a blog post, Google said, "It also shows what information Wikipedia has about the website you are searching for." Users can see available details if a website does not have a Wikipedia entry.

Users would also be able to see whether a website is stable or not based on HTTPS protocols. This helps you to determine if the browsing data is secure or private. In February this year, Google launched the feature in the United States. However, it is expected to be available in English to all users later this month. Google intends to make this function available in a variety of languages in the near future.

This feature will initially be available on desktop and Android versions.

According to tech experts, the 'About This Result' feature, which alerts users when fake news is discovered, could result in a lot of misinformation cut off in Google search. Almost everybody agrees that this function would be extremely useful when searching on Google.

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