Facebook Bug Bounty Hunters To Earn Huge Incentives

 - Sakshi Post

Facebook: Bug Bounty Hunters will receive incentives from Facebook. These incentives will be offered as a pay time bonus. This incentive is not accessible until 30 days after the firm receives the bug information. The following are the complete details.

Software firms reward users who report bugs or flaws in their apps, services, or websites. Depending on the bug, the amount of money rises as well. For many years, Facebook has maintained a bug bounty programme. Facebook has introduced incentives for Bug Bounty Hunters as part of this. These incentives will be offered as a pay time bonus.

This incentive will not be accessible until 30 days after the bug details are sent to the firm for payment. When Bounty Hunters report an issue, it takes time for the firm to reply. In the case of Facebook, this happens on occasion. At this moment, this pay bonus is available. It takes a little longer to repair issues, whether you reply to them on a regular basis or not. Those that participate in bug bounty at that time must be a little more patient.

Facebook Bug Bounty Hunters Pay Time Bonus Policy: Policy of Sliding Fees In addition to the bug bounty money, if the problem is found and resolved within 30 to 59 days after being brought to Facebook's notice, a 5% extra will be granted. Taking the same 60 to 89 days earns you an extra 7.5 per cent incentive. Each bounty payment delivered after 90 days receives an additional 10% bonus. If more information and reports regarding the problem are needed, the time will be modified accordingly.

Bug Bounty hunters may earn between $500 (about Rs. 30,000) and $80,000 (Rs. 50 lakhs) via Facebook right now. The prize will be tailored to the bug. The current extra bonus is also dependent on this. If a bounty hunter obtains a reward of $1,000, for example, if payment is delayed, he or she will receive an extra 5% from the 31st to the 59th day. In addition to the thousand dollars, this would cost an additional $50.

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