Delete These Android Apps to Prevent Joker Malware Attack

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When you have a mobile phone and a high usage of it, there are also high chances of virus or malware attacking your phone. You can always ignore these risks by being aware of what is causing harm to your phone and protect it from those risks. Every day we hear of some new virus or scam or something else that can attack your phone and lead to a potential leak of personal information.

This time it is about the Joker malware. This malware specifically affects the apps on Google Play Store. It happened earlier as well and this time eight apps have been affected, confirmed the Quick Heal Security Labs.

As soon as Google got information about this, they removed the apps from the Play Store to avoid more people, downloading them. Auxiliary Message, Fast Magic SMS, Free CamScanner, Super Message, Element Scanner, Go Messages, Travel Wallpapers and Super SMS were the eight apps that came into the clutches of joker malware.

If you never downloaded these apps, you have nothing to worry about. Just ignore them, if you ever come across these apps. But if you have them installed on your phone, we recommend that you immediately delete these apps. Also, go to your phone settings to remove the malicious Joker malware from the device.

This is not the first time that this malware has infected the Play store apps. Even when the infected apps are promptly removed, the malware comes back after a couple of months, infecting a new set of apps.

What is the Joker Malware?

It is one of the most dangerous malware that is not good for your phone. It infects the device and affects its smooth functioning. It can steal your data/personal information including phone numbers, messages, OTP and other important information.

Even when Google removes the apps that are infected and cleans up everything, the malware finds its way back. So you have to be very careful when downloading any app from the play store.

Infected Apps

  1. Auxiliary Message

  2. Fast Magic SMS

  3. Free CamScanner

  4. Super Message

  5. Element Scanner

  6. Go Messages

  7. Travel Wallpapers

  8. Super SMS

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