Data Leak On Hacking Forum Real Reason For WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Outage?

Massive outage of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram - Sakshi Post

For those who are not hooked to social media, here's some news. Last night, users of instagram, facebook and WhatsApp suffered an outage. They just couldn't browse through the platforms or send any messages via whatsapp. Mark Zuckerberg posted a tweet apologising for the outage while admitting that he was well aware how much people relied on these social media apps to stay in touch. Facebook stated faulty configuration changes on its routers as the reason behind the six-hour outage that prevented 3.5 billion users from accessing social media

However, now, a report has emerged claiming that the reason for the outage was not mere shutdown. A report claims that there's more to the story than meets the eye. Apparently, data of some 1.5 billion facebook users were leaked and sold on a popular hacking related forum. The users' data comprised their names, demography, geographic locations, email addresses and also phone numbers.

A few users alleged that this was the primary reason behind the mass outage of Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook last night. 

A tweet also claimed that a whistleblower leaked information about the FB outage.

Columnist Amrita Bhinder posted a tweet which read thus...


Facebook is yet to clarify if the users' data was actually compromised during the mass outage last night. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg's personal wealth seems to have fallen by $7billion in just a few hours after Facebook stocks plummeted following the massive outage.

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