Availability of Hospital Beds, Oxygen and COVID Vaccines in Real-time on Google Maps

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People can now check Hospital Beds And Oxygen Availability On Google Maps; Know How This Service Works

Hospital beds, oxygen details will be available on Google Maps.

Google Maps can heave a sigh of relief. The location of vacant beds and oxygen in the hospital will soon be available on Google Maps.

Corona is spreading rampantly in the country. There have been reports of corona cases and deaths. When you open social media, you'll see requests for oxygen cylinders and hospital bed inquiries. 

Scores of social media posts with the names of COVID victims and the need for hospital beds or ventilators appear day in and day out. In this regard, Google Maps has decided to introduce a new feature. It displays real-time data on hospital beds and oxygen cylinders. The phase of research has already started. Some people have been given the opportunity to try it out. This feature will be available to all in the near future.

Details of Oxygen and Beds availability:

These services will be available in select areas of some of the country's most significant cities at first. Find information about local hospitals using Google Maps. This alternative, however, is no longer available. In addition to that information, they will now show the status of the hospital's beds. This data, on the other hand, is gathered from the general public. Google recommends that users double-check their work for accuracy every now and then. This information is also available via Google's Q&A feature.

Vaccine Information:

Covid 19 Vaccine information can also be found on Google Maps. This means that vaccine effect, registration details, and treatment details can be found on Google Maps. Google says it is collecting and providing these from the central government. In addition, Google will put these details in front of users through the Q&A feature in Google. This includes details of vaccine side effects, registration, etc. Google will redirect users to the CoWin website for additional information.

Playlist on YouTube:

On Google Maps, you can find hospital beds, oxygen, vaccination information, as well as self-care, medication, and precautionary information. Customers will receive these from the Department of Health and Family Welfare. Furthermore, Google provides this information in the form of a YouTube section. Corona-related material is available as a playlist on YouTube. Additionally, the required information is available on the YouTube India channel. There are also Covid and corona control tips included.

Vaccination‌ Details:

Google Maps currently shows details of over 2,500 corona testing centers. Now, in addition to these, details of over 23,000 vaccination centres are being provided. The details are available in English and eight Indian languages. In addition, Google is constantly reminding us of corona precautions. There is a growing awareness of corona among the public to wear a mask and use sanitizers.

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