5 Super Tips To Increase The Speed Of Your Old Smartphone

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Do you have a sloppy smartphone? When you open it, does it get stuck? Android smartphones are slow for a variety of reasons. Why waste money on a new smartphone when you can make your old one work faster? If your smartphone is sluggish, try these super tips to speed it up.

Check out these five tips:

1. Restart the phone:

Simple tip, but it works! The phone should be restarted and as a result of this, the history memory would be wiped. Any stuck applications will be patched as well. Hold down the power button on your phone until the restart option appears. Then press and wait until your phone reboots. Now it's time to open and have fun.

2. Clear cache:

Ensure that your phone's cache is cleared in the background. RAM is influenced by cache memory. RAM speed is slowed because of this. Phones become a slog as soon as they are turned on. The phone will slow down as a result of this. The cache clear option can be found near the Settings > Storage >Cache option and is accessed by pressing the OK button. Once the cache memory is free watch your mobile work like a dream.

3. Animations disabled:

Visual effects, even if animations are enabled, will slow down the phone. They kill the memory speed. So turn off all the animations completely.

Click on Settings->About Phone-Build Number repeatedly. Tap on Developer until you see the options. All you have to do is turn off Settings->Developer Options->Windows->Animation Scale->Animations.

4. Remove unnecessary apps:

Remove unwanted apps on your phones. These apps will fill your phone space. Make sure the apps you use regularly are constantly updated. It is best to update to the latest versions. Companies fix bugs with each update. You could disable the apps when not in use.

5. Custom ROMs:

On your Android phones, the brand company will install their own ROM. That's why your phone slows down now and then. You should try some custom ROMs if your phone has been sluggish for a long time. Since these are Third Party ROMs, you can use apps like Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher. Depending on your phone software, the speed of your phone will increase.

BONUS TIP: Factory reset: As a last resort.

If your Android or iPhone is still slow, then do a factory reset as a last resort. By doing so, your phone will be reset as it was when it was purchased. The customized settings made in it will be removed.

On the iPhone, select Settings >Apple ID >Backup Now.

On the Android phone, just click on Settings>system - Advanced >Rest Options >Erase All Data (Factory Reset) >Rest Phone.

Your phone will be completely reset. When doing so, if you have data on your memory card, you should be careful about data reset. Back up your data and then do a factory reset.

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